The Oncotype DX® Breast Recurrence Score™ Result Changes Physicians’ Treatment Decisions

The Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score reveals the underlying biology that changes treatment decisions in more than 30% of patients in 14 independent studies across 10 countries*1-10

  • After receiving the Breast Recurrence Score result, physicians and their patients changed treatment decisions, even when they already had made definitive treatment decisions11
    • 33% of the overall population switched from chemotherapy plus hormonal therapy to hormonal therapy alone based on a low Breast Recurrence Score result12
    • 4% of the overall population switched from hormonal therapy only to chemotherapy plus hormonal therapy based on a high Breast Recurrence Score result12

Studies have shown that Breast Recurrence Score results reduce chemotherapy use, spare patients the negative health and quality-of-life impact of unnecessary chemotherapy, and reduce the costs to society and the healthcare system.11-15

Dr. John Shook, Medical Director at St. Luke's Health System Comprehensive Breast Program in Kansas City, recounts two examples of how a patient's treatment decision was altered based the utilization of a genomic test, such as the Breast Recurrence Score.


*Range – 24.5%-66%


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