The Breast Recurrence Score™ Result: Practice-Changing Information for Personalizing Treatment

Only the Oncotype DX
Breast Recurrence Score
is validated for both
prognosis and prediction of
adjuvant chemotherapy benefit.
The Oncotype DX® Breast Recurrence Score analyzes the expression of 21 genes to provide an individualized Breast Recurrence Score result that is both prognostic, providing 10-year risk of recurrence, and predictive of adjuvant chemotherapy benefit.1-2 The Breast Recurrence Score result is a number between 0 and 100 that measures individual biology across the spectrum of estrogen receptor (ER)–positive, invasive breast cancer biology, in both node-negative and node-positive patients.

The Breast Recurrence Score result:

  • Quantify your patient’s 10-year risk of distant recurrence, assuming 5 years of hormonal therapy.
  • Provide an individualized, quantitative risk assessment that reflects your patient’s unique tumor biology along the disease continuum—rather than just a high or a low binary result.
  • Predict the likelihood of chemotherapy benefit across the range of Recurrence Score results. Higher Recurrence Score results are associated with:
    • A higher risk of distant recurrence.
    • An increase in the magnitude of chemotherapy benefit.
  • Support a personalized treatment decision that goes beyond clinical and pathological factors such as age, tumor size, and tumor grade.
The Breast Recurrence Score result provides an individualized picture of
the patient’s unique tumor biology in node-negative patients1-2


 Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence


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