Oncotype DX® Patient Report for Invasive Breast Cancer: Clear Information for Determining Chemotherapy Benefit and Recurrence Risk

An individualized report is generated for each patient, with the Breast Recurrence Score™ result ranging from 0-100. The report is customized based on the information provided in your order, with separate reports according to the patient’s nodal status:

  • Node-Negative
  • Node-Positive (1-3 N+)
  • Node-Positive (­≥ 4 N+)

Each report also includes quantitative, single-gene scores for ER, PR and HER2 expression, in addition to the data from clinical validation studies.

The report can help guide more informed treatment decisions with information to answer critical questions in early stage breast cancer: 

  • Quantifies your patient’s 10-year risk of distant recurrence, assuming 5 years of hormonal therapy
  • Predicts the likelihood of chemotherapy benefit across the range of Recurrence Score results, with higher scores indicating a greater likelihood of chemotherapy benefits
  • Reveals your patient’s underlying tumor biology with an individualized, quantitative risk assessment–– rather than just a high or a low binary result.

 Click on the sample report images below for examples of the Breast Recurrence Score Reports.

Breast Node Negative Sample Report  Breast 1-3 Postive Nodes Sample Report  Breast Over 4 Postive Nodes Sample Report 
Node-Negative Report  Node-Positive (1-3 N+) Report  Node-Positive (> 4 N+) Report 

Dr. Jay K. Harness, Medical Director at BreastCancerAnswers.com, and Dr. Michael Alvarado, Director of Breast Surgery Oncology Fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco, talk about discussing the Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score results with their breast cancer patients.

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