Form Instructions and Guidelines

While it is recommended that you use the online physician portal to conveniently and efficiently order tests, track results, and view patient reports, paper requisition forms are also available by contacting Customer Service at 866-ONCOTYPE (866-662-6897). Click below for an example of how to fill out the paper requisition forms.

Requisition Form


For Breast Cancer Pathology Guidelines, please click below.  The guidelines describe optimum specimen selection and preparation.  Please remember:


  • When submitting a sample for the Oncotype DX® Breast Recurrence Score™, please choose the one block with both the greatest amount/area of invasive breast carcinoma/associated stroma and the least amount of non-invasive mammary epithelium (in situ carcinoma, hyperplastic epithelium, normal epithelium).
  • All specimens must be labeled with S barcode labels from the Oncotype DX Specimen Collection and Transportation Kit Box for that patient.
While the Genomic Health laboratory can accept tumor blocks and unstained slides, blocks are preferred due to the frequent requirement for manual micro-dissection of the specimen consistent with clinical trial experience

Pathology Guidelines

Breast Cancer Pathology Guidelines 


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